<![CDATA[Welcome to the Overlook, A Vacation Rental - Blog]]>Sun, 03 Dec 2017 07:48:21 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[PROGRESS - 2018 Resolutions]]>Sun, 03 Dec 2017 13:54:05 GMThttp://theoverlookinestes.com/blog/progress-2018-resolutionsAs you know from a previous post, I have several projects planned for the Overlook in 2018.

​Upgrade Spare Bedroom TVs
- I replaced the 19" LCD TVs with 32" LCD TVs in the two spare bedrooms.  We have 50-60" LCD TVs in the Living Room, Master Bedroom and Outdoor Bar.  You gotta love Cyber Monday!

Hot Tub In Gazebo - The new hot tub is ordered and in route.  This will take a couple months to complete.  We need to pour a concrete pad, run electric, and figure out how the heck to get it up the mountain to the Gazebo!  Stay tuned.

​Sauna in Repurposed Water Tank
- This will take a while.  We need to complete the repurposing of the water tank which includes building a roof before installing a sauna.  We will be luck to have this complete before the middle of 2018 summer since it depends on good weather.  Stay tuned.

NOTE:  Now is a good time to reserve the Overlook.  Once these enhancements are complete, prices will go up to match other vacation rentals in the area.
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​So, what could we possibly be planning for 2018?

​Upgrade TVs in the two extra bedrooms.
  These are currently 19" but will be replaced with 32".  These will still be significantly smaller than the other TVs in the home.  As you know, all of the other TVs are between 50" and 60" high definition LCD televisions.  This includes the TVs in the master bedroom, in the living room and even the one in the outside bar.

​Add a hot tub to the gazebo. 
As you know, this custom gazebo already has a full size fireplace.  We will be removing the dining room table and installing a hot tub for our guest's enjoyment.  It has a fantastic view and is ideally located for a hot tub.

Turn the water tank into a sauna.  Yes, you read this correctly!  We hope to add a roof, floor and sauna to the inside of the water tank.  This water tank provided water to the Overlook and surrounding cabins before there was a city.  Before there was city water.  Before people lived here year round. 

​The completion dates of each of these projects is still to be determined.  Contact us if you want to have an update or simply return to this BLOG and look for updates.  We think these amenities will add to your experience an rise to a level beyond any other vacation rental in the Estes area.  We hope you think so too!
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